The kids found a Killdeer out in the equipment yard.
Can you find her?
Here she is, trying to convince me that she has a broken wing and trying to lure me (and the cat) away from her ground nest.
And meanwhile, her unguarded eggs are nearly as camouflaged as she is!
See 'em?
What an awesome way to see nature close up and explain it to the kids!


06/07/2012 7:50am

I'm always happy to meet people who have uncommon sense and the ability to think. I came to your site through a guy who was worried about whether or not he should have a second child. I agreed with your comment to him completely. Parents don't have to provide all things to their kids. I'm so passionate about the way people treat kids in this country I wrote a book about it. Good luck with the country life. I was in the country, but town is trying to surround me. Time for me to move further out i guess.

06/07/2012 9:06am

Hey thanks for the comment! I used to have a well-read blog, but I just started this one and haven't done anything to spread the word on it, so I appreciate you stopping by.

As for that article, I was completely taken aback by the overall tone of selfishness throughout. My feelings go out to people who don't understand the boundlessness of love. They have never experienced such from their Maker. I would never expect a couple to have children they didn't want, but to want children is to want to take another piece of your heart and let it walk around on the outside. It is sacrificial and self-denial and difficult, but as I said in my comment: So VERY worth it all :)

Blessings to you today!

(oh, and please, tell me the name of your book! I'd love to check it out.)


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