What better way to dream away winter blues and cheer on spring than to get some of your flowers and veggies started indoors? Buying packets of seeds is a lot more economical than waiting until it's warm out and buying plants from a greenhouse. You can also get a much better selection from seed catalogs rather than having to take whatever the local chain store has on sale.

We started our seeds in April this year, but started collecting the containers much earlier: January. We've been saving up eggshells for a few months in anticipation of spring.

First we had to fill up the eggshells with seed starting soil:

Then we put them in the greenhouse to settle and warm the soil. (Okay, that's a big fat lie. We put them in there because we ran out of time to plant and because I wanted to do the majority of the planting with no kidlets around distracting me!)
Prairie Sue got to plant her own carton. She chose three kinds of tomatoes, two kinds of peppers, and three kinds of sunflowers to start in her eggshells. (Yes, a couple of weeks lapsed between the two pictures. She got a haircut in between!)

And here they are, a few weeks later, sprouting out and looking promising...


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