I got into a fight with a good friend of mine.
We have different opinions on an issue, which to me is no big deal -- we should be able to discuss it, argue our own reasons for our stance, and walk away friends.
In this case, it's not what happened. What it came down to was that I had no right to comment on the issue because of her expertise in the field (which is undisputed -- her qualifications outweigh mine).

This has reminded me that as a parent, I need to value my kids' opinions without taking personal insult if they are different than mine. As their "superior," I might feel I know best on all issues, but if I stifle their need to express themselves, how does that foster our relationship? All it does is teach them that I do not value their feelings.

As I discussed my frustrations with my sister (at 3:00 a.m.! who else can a girl call at three o'clock in the morning but a sister?!), she quoted Psalm 34:18 to me:

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted
and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

"Coincidentally" (I don't believe in coincidence, that's why it's in quotes), that was the exact verse that I'd read to the kids last night in their bedtime devotional!

I know my opinion matters to Neil -- most of the time. (Or, at least he's smart enough to pretend it does!) My opinion matters to my kids too, and to others. But it doesn't matter to all people all the time. However, God cares. It's okay to approach Him boldly and tell Him what's inside. I often have a visual of me crawling up into a great big chair into my heavenly father's lap, just like I did with my own dad as a child, and leaning my head on His chest and listening to His heart and just being held. That's what I pictured last night. I crawled up into His lap and said a simple, "Daddy, my feelings got hurt today."

It's amazing what He can do for you in the quiet, in the stillness. He cares about my feelings -- I don't need to apologize for my opinions or for my feelings if I am mad or hurt or jealous. I just need to spend time with Him, listening to His heart for me and those around me. My opinion matters, if only to Him.


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