I ended up having Easter at my house this year, which is wonderful to me. Neil and I really enjoy hosting and having a chance to practice and improve our hospitality. I didn't find out I was doing Easter until a couple of weeks before. That may sound like a lot of time, but I'm fairly slow to process ideas and make very infrequent trips into town for necessary supplies. I had a turquoise-and-green-and-daisies theme in my head, but there was very little to support this idea -- and what was available was ridiculously expensive. (I must be getting old. Prices seem so astronomical for everything. When you know the retail markup on some things, it's difficult to justify buying it. A tiny single-stem daisy on sale for $1? Sounds okay until you add up how many dollars you'd have to spend total and you're already up to $25 for a couple dozen...)

I decided to just do "Easter" colors (a.k.a. "pastels") with a general springtime theme. My tablescape is usually the center of my decor, so I started there. I couldn't find (nor did I want to pay for) any pastel plate chargers, so I borrowed some lime green and orange ones. I used my plain white Corel plates  and a lovely borrowed ivory brocade tablecloth. Our table was extended full-leaf to accommodate 12 guests, so I didn't have a choice on tablecloth! It's difficult to find any that will fit tables over 100".

The most work-intensive part was the individual vases. For those, I spray-painted empty root beer bottles in pastel colors and filled them with some fresh cut daisy-like mums and white tulips. For a final touch, I tied some scrap ribbons I had in my craft box around the neck of each bottle. I then used pastel M&M's as table "confetti" (doubles as an appetizer, as Neil pointed out!) and called it good.

I really enjoyed last year's theme, which was turquoise blue with birds and nests, much better. But this was nice. Maybe next year they'll let me host again and I'll get another chance. Easter is early next year (March 31st). I can start planning now...


04/12/2012 7:36pm

Finally got around to check out your blog! Your table ended up absolutely beautiful and I would have never guessed from the picture that that was root beer bottles! Looks awesome! great job!

04/23/2012 9:15pm

Whoa. Nicely done, Ashlee.

03/17/2013 4:09pm

this is so beautiful! I hope you do posts for Easter this year- you are so talented!


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